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Old Mentonians Association

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"The Old Mentonians Association is a membership based association which allows former Mentone Grammar School students to communicate and socialize with each other.

The association hold many events during the year both locally, interstate and overseas.

With a database that is spread all over the world, the association is always looking at ways to not only communicate with their current members but also to encourage past students to join the association and to become involved with their fellow alumni.

With a forward thinking and dynamic committee the club was actively pursuing different methods of how to achieve this.

After a long and lengthy process the executive committee decided that with the boom in smart phone usage the best method for the club to achieve their goal of getting more people involved in the club was to release their very own fully club branded native mobile phone app for the iPhone.

No longer will you have to worry about missing out on news or information about club as the app will serve as your number one source of information about the club!

This app will not only contain information about the Old Mentonians Association but it will also contain information about the following sports clubs as well as the MGS:

- Old Mentonians Basketball Club
- Old Mentonians Cricket Club
- Old Mentonians Football Club
- Mentone Hockey Club
- Old Mentonians Soccer Club

Everything about the app will be about the Old Mentonians Association and their affiliated clubs. From the colour scheme used in the app, the club logo as well as the information tabs available to you in the app.

Each club will have their very own native mobile phone app which will contain information about the club.

All you need to do is download this app and you will be able to access 7 clubs from the app. It really is that easy and convenient!

The type of information available for each club that when you download this app is as follows:

- Latest News
- Results
- Images
- Videos
- Events
- Facebook
- Merchandise
- Committee
- Contacts
- Teams
- Ladders
- Fixtures
- Team news
- Sponsors
- Grounds
- Memberships
- Training and much much more

To make sure you stay in touch with absolutely everything to do with your favourite club or all 7 of the clubs, download the app now!

Go Panthers!